Ethics Rules

Ethics Rules

Ilketap Label Company


All personnel employed by İlketap A.Ş. are obliged to comply with the İlketap A.Ş. ethical code of conduct. The notification of the ethical code of conduct to all employees, making sure the employees give the necessary importance to these rules and to show the necessary care that the rules re being complied to, are among the main duties and responsibilities of the middle and senior managers working in İlketap A.Ş.

The ethical rules created by İlketap A.Ş. in accordance to the values and principles adopted by the company will serve as a guide to determine the most appropriate behaviour during operation.

İlketap A.Ş. employees should evaluate whether their behaviour and colleagues are in compliance with ethical rules. It is the common responsibility of every İlketap employee to report the decisions and behaviors that are observed to be inappropriate to the Ethics Committee.

Any behavior that does not comply with the code of business ethics will be investigated closely and those who violate the Code of business ethics will be penalized with various disciplinary penalties.

Ethics Committee is responsible for investigating and resolving complaints and notifications of violations of the İlketap A.Ş. code of ethics. İlketap A.Ş. The Ethics Committee, which is affiliated to the Chairman of the Board of Directors, consists of the following names:

Gökhan Öztel - Vice Chairman Of The Board

Filiz Bedir Ormanoğlu - General Coordinator




Integrity, honesty, transparency and high business ethics are our prioritized values in all our business processes and relationships with both our employees and stakeholders.

İlketap A.Ş. never betrays mutual trust.


Information that is unknown to third parties, which, if known, may create a disadvantage for the company and / or its stakeholders in terms of competition, trade secrets, personal information and topics covered by the “confidentiality agreement” are defined as “confidential information”.

İlketaş A.Ş. takes care to protect confidential information belonging to employees and stakeholders. Our employees can't leak confidential information for any commercial advantage.


İlketap A.Ş. does not give or accept gifts that will get the parties in a difficult situation, or gifts that may go beyond the purpose of gifting (affecting the opposing parties' decision making/high material value) to individuals and companies that are involved in a relationship with the company

Bribery and/or receiving, giving or recommending commissions are not acceptable under any circumstances. All things are carried out transparently and there is no involvement in any money laundering action.

İlketaş A.S. employees may not request gifts, discounts, commissions, assistance, accomodation that may affect their objectivity and behavior for their own benefit and may not accept these offers made to them.


Our Legal Responsibilities

İlketap A.Ş. carries out all of its activities in compliance to the law. We act without interests and bias to any public foundations and institutions, non-governmental organizations and political parties. Accuracy and compliance with the law are essential in financial and commercial records.

Our Responsibilities To Our Customers

In order to meet customer satisfaction at the highest level, a customer-oriented working system is adopted.

Our primary objective is to continuously improve the quality of products and services in accordance with our customers' requirements and to meet their demands on time and accurately.

It is important to establish a long-term trust environment in our relations with our customers. İlketap A.Ş. protects customer information with great care.


Our Responsibilities To Our Employees

Providing clean, healthy and safe working conditions to our employees is one of our most important tasks, with the awareness that our most valuable asset is our human resources. We provide all kinds of equipment and carry out all procedures for Occupational Health and Safety. We create systems to detect, evaluate, avoid and intervene on time any hazards to our employees' health and safety.

We respect the honor and personal rights of our employees. We do not share personal information about our employees with third parties without their consent, except as required by law.

In all decisions regarding recruitment and employment, we evaluate all our employees either male or female according to their abilities and skills. We do not discriminate based on persons' gender, colour, race, nationality, ethnicity, health status, disability, religion and other beliefs. We act justly in the matters of salaries, rewards and promotions, based on the criteria of performance and efficiency. We follow transparent policies in all operations.

Our female employees are not dismissed due to pregnancy and childbirth. We make sure that she gets back in the same position when she leaves because of pregnancy.  Working conditions, permits and breaks during and after pregnancy are specifically regulated as determined by law.

We make the necessary effort for the individual development of our employees. We provide equal opportunities and possibilities for training and development of our employees.

We comply with laws of labor and workers' rights. We support the prevention of any illegal employee recruitment practices. We don't hire those under the age of 15. We do not accept forced labor and indebted labor in any way.

Salaries shall be determined at or above the minimum amount determined by national laws and shall be paid in full and on time.

Except for emergencies, the weekly working time is 45 hours and overtime is 2 hours a day maximum. In total, the maximum annual working period is 270 hours (including overtime). Our employees are allowed to leave for at least one day in every seven day period. Overtime work depends on our employees' volunteerism.

We do not allow any conduct that would provoke harassment.

We respect the right of our employees to establish trade unions or associations, to participate or not participate in these unions and associations and to partake in collective bargaining.

Without fear of retaliation, we allow our employees to express their complaints to the Ethics Committee freely within the scope of the disciplinary procedure and to resolve their concerns in a timely manner by the Ethics Committee.

Our Responsibilities To Our Suppliers

Our suppliers' goods and services directly affect the quality of the goods and services our company produces. In this context, we make sure that our suppliers are working in the accepted quality and standards. We act fair and unbiased in the selection process of suppliers and offer ways to address their concerns about retaliation.

We do not work with suppliers that violate the law and/or do not comply with business ethics.

We respect our suppliers and make the effort to fulfill our obligations on time. We carefully protect the confidential information of our suppliers.

Our Responsibilities To The Society

We aim to reinforce the country's economy. We plan and carry out our responsibilities towards society within the framework of “sustainability” principles. We support corporate social responsibility projects with care.

We carefully avoid unethical behaviour such as bribery, corruption, abuse of duty, and support efforts to eliminate such crimes.

We have no tolerance for land seizure, and we respect the property and territorial rights of individuals-communities.

The protection of democracy, human health, human rights and the environment are important to us. In carrying out our activities, we act with social benefit and environmental awareness and contribute voluntarily to a better society and a cleaner environment. We carry out various activities in order to raise environmental awareness by organizing environmental trainings for our employees. We assist in the development of environmentally friendly technologies by supporting all kinds of activities and organizations that will increase the responsibility for the environment.

We use natural resources and energy resources efficiently and prevent waste. We contain wastes and all kinds of pollution generated by our production activities,  and act in accordance with the standards and regulations set out in this regard. We work with local recyclers by finding suitable processing facilities for our waste materials.

Responsibilities Of Employees To İlketap A.Ş.

Our employees should refrain from any behavior that will damage the company's image and reputation, and should continue their work within the framework of the ethical rules they have to abide by. In order to protect and improve the reputation of our company, all of our employees must fulfill their responsibilities.

We expect our employees to maintain their cooperation and adopt team work in accordance with mutual trust, respect and courtesy rules in their communication with each other.

Our employees should  use all the fixtures, tools and equipment of the company in accordance with its purpose, and avoid waste. In production, it is essential to use time effectively and efficiently. The interests of the company should always be considered. The opportunities provided by the company cannot be used for the private affairs of the employees.

Our employees may not use confidential and non-public information about our company, customers or suppliers in favor of themselves or others. They can't leak any confidential information learned as a necessity of business.

Our employees should behave in a way that does not allow the impression that there is a relationship of interest when conducting their relations with our suppliers. They are not allowed to accept gifts that will negatively affect their ability to make decisions objectively.

Responsibilities Of Suppliers To İlketap A.Ş.

They must operate in a lawful and honest manner.

They show respect, demonstrate the effort necessary to fulfill their obligations on time.

Our suppliers should carefully protect and secure confidential information.

In order to meet customer satisfaction at the highest level, they should adopt a customer-oriented working system.

They must continuously improve the quality of their products and services in accordance with our requirements, and meet our demands on time and accurately.